2016 in Garfield, Texas

Last year brought torrential rains and flooding to our neck of the woods. The river swelled so high it devoured some of our neighbor’s homes. Hwy 71 was under water and The Waterhole Saloon stayed open during tornadoes and power outages. As with all disaster, our community banded together to help one another out.

How does Garfield survive 2016?

Like any good neighborhood will. We are going to raise a little hell and keep our heads up. We work hard to play hard. Our community is growing and we welcome our new neighbors and friends moving into the area.

Our community is special and we will grow stronger together. Happy New Year!

Curtis Grimes – love this man!!

I was working behind the bar one afternoon a few years back when in walks a group of good looking guys. They had a bottle of whiskey and were off visiting family in the area; stopping in for a few set-ups as they wasted time. The bar was completely empty and Curtis came up and asked if he could bring in his guitar. I am a HUGE sucker for a cute smile and lazy afternoon pickin. Not that I would have said no anyways. Let me tell you how lucky I was that day. Curtis has an amazing talent; he’s really quite good, but recording professionals help make him sound polished so what people hear on the radio and what he has grown into over the years – isn’t what I heard that day. That day was young, raw, having a great time talent. The kind that gives little goosebumps on your arms and neck. Hook, line, sinker – done! I got to talking with the guys and they told me that Curtis had just taught himself how to play, was toying with a little songwriting but they couldn’t get him to go much further with it. Immediately I offered a Friday night gig. Curtis just looked at me and grinned – a month later Curtis had his first gig at The Waterhole Saloon. His mom and dad came – they brought all of their friends and pretty much packed the bar that night. The Waterhole and myself have been huge fans ever since. When Irresponsible came out, I was absolutely floored that he mentioned The Waterhole in the song and completely shocked when they came out and filmed part of the video at the bar. He played for my 29th birthday and that night was probably the single best night of that entire year. I cannot tell you how proud I am of Curtis, how proud all of us at The Waterhole are of the progress he has made and of the amazing music he is putting out. Way to go, honey!!! The Waterhole Loves You!IMG_1232

Curtis Grimes at The Waterhole Saloon

Curtis on my birthday